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Different types of soil conditioners you can buy from your soil supplier

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When it comes to utilising the soil in your surrounding environment, there are several things you must keep in mind. For instance, does the soil have the right amount of nutrients to support plant growth?  The quality and condition of the soil in your land will significantly affect the purpose of your landscaping idea. However, one way that you can improve the quality and condition of your soil is by purchasing the correct soil conditioner from your soil supplier. Each type of soil conditioner serves various functions in the soil and uniquely assists in getting the desired results. They end up enhancing the soil's properties such as the pH and soil compaction. Below are a few of the soil conditioners that you can purchase from your local soil supplier to enhance the quality of your soil.

Amazon fine compost

Amazon fine compost is one of the soil conditioners used to improve the quality of the soil. This type of soil conditioner is specifically peat free, which ensures the conditioner contains high levels of trace elements, nutrients, and organic matter. It is made up of composted organics and green waste. Amazon fine compost conditioner is unique as it contains high soil nutrients and organic matter, which is generally good for overall soil fertility.

Metro soil conditioner

You can also opt for metro soil conditioner to fine-tune your soil. This type of soil conditioner is specifically made up of peat and other composted organics that are rich in nutrients and trace elements. These enhance microbial activities in the soil, thus improving its aeration and drainage. This type of conditioner brings in good water retention attributes, helping to balance the water levels in the soil and encourage plant growth.

Turf Marvel

Turf Marvel is another is another reliable way of getting the most of your soil. It has composted organics and chicken manure, which enrich the soil and encourage the growth of healthy and productive root system. It also gives a rich green appearance to the soil landscape. Turf Marvel is also beneficial as it controls the development of any harmful nematodes in the soil as well as balancing the moisture quantities in the soil.  

Mushroom compost

Lastly, you can also go for mushroom compost soil conditioner to improve your soil. This conditioner is specifically made up of straw, mushroom by-products, and composted manures. It can be used to support various types of vegetation, but, unfortunately, it is unsuitable for native plants.